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Course Curriculum

  • Module I
    Diagnosis and Treatment Planning
    Hands On: Implant on models
  • Module II
    Medical assessment and evaluation
    Digital Photography
    Hands on: PRP
  • Module III
    Radiology and CBCT
    Review of Implant systems
    Hands on: CBCT planning
  • Module IV
    Surgical principles of implant placement
    Hands On: Implant Placement
  • Module V
    Grafting principles, ridge defect management, GBR
    Hands On: Socket grafting , suturing techniques
  • Module VI
    Cadaver session
    Hands On: All surgical procedures on Fresh Cadaver Heads
  • Module VII
    Implant prosthodontics
    Hands On: Digital and analog impressions
  • Module VIII
    Implant complications and management
    Lasers in Implant Dentistry
    Practice Management
    Hands on: Lasers
  • Module IX
    Advanced implant considerations, full arch restorations
    Exam review
    AAID Associate Fellow Examination ( Part 1)